Being a parent is more than a job. It's a mission! The most challenging mission of all. And parents need support and resources, including emotional ones, to fulfill their mission and be whole.

Join us in a two-hour workshop to empower parents. Register today to receive empowering information as well as to learn special techniques to achieve emotional strength, staying calm and guilt-free.

Vanessa Anseloni, PsyD, PhD and Rejane Guerreiro, MSc have been working with parents from across the world. Through the pioneering works of the School of Emotion, Dr. Anseloni will lead this delightful workshop with the sole objective of empowering parentings in their mission. Rejane Guerreiro is the guest speaker who will share innovative tools to strenghten parenting awareness and skills. 

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Psychologist and neuroscientist, Dr. Vanessa Anseloni is also higher education professor with over 20 years of experience pioneering in emotional management programs for all age groups and families. 

She has been working at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, for 18 years where she develops and facilitates engaging lesson plans in psychology, biomedical and neural sciences.  

Excellent and kind mentor, Vanessa Anseloni coaches graduate and undergraduate students in research, educational, and career objectives. As a scientist, she has made pioneering advancements in the field of neonatal pain and emotional behavior together with renowned worldwide scientists.

Through her decades of volunteering work, she developed innovative and transformative programs for a healthier emotional life. 
Rejane Guerreiro graduated in Psychology in Brazil in 1999 and holds a Master’s in NeuroLeadership and Cognitive-Behavioral Coach Certification from the highly-regarded Middlesex University-London, UK.

She specialized in Reichian Body Psychotherapy and simultaneously acquired numerous certifications in human development and leadership, such as “Search Inside Yourself Program”, created within Google and implemented across various international companies.

Rejane is the only Brazilian professional licensed in the U.S., Brazil and several other countries in Central America and Europe to certify, also in Portuguese language, professionals in the use of NBI® (Neethling Brain Instruments) via the BeINg Human Talent Development Center of NY.

Rejane is also the creator and professor of the Virtual Extension Course, with academic credits in NeuroCoaching – self-coaching on how to develop self-awareness and rewire the brain, from the prestigious University UNOESC-SC, Brazil.

As an active participant of the Brazilian community of New York/New Jersey, Rejane served as board member for eight years at the Brazilian non-profit “Mantena Global Care.” This entity assists Brazilians and other ethnicities in a variety of services in New Jersey, which is one of the largest and most well-reputed in the United States.

She was subsequently selected by the Brazilian Consulate of NY to represent NY & NJ in the “Brazilians In The World” conferences of 2008 and 2009 (at Palácio do Itamaraty, Rio de Janeiro.)

Among her activities with the Brazilian Consulate in NY, she created and ran workshops for students of the Science Without Borders Program under the Consulate jurisdiction.

Rejane can be seen frequently in interviews by TV Globo International in New York and other local television stations across the U.S. and Brazil.

She has worked alongside renowned authors and speakers, such as Eliane Barbosa and Lair Ribeiro.

She was twice honored as Professional of the Year in 2014 in New York City and received a Portuguese-Brazilian Award at the United Nations and “The Notables” at the House of Brazil. She has received several other honors for her outstanding professional and personal contributions to Brazilian and American communities